If you belong to the Sabelskjöld family
we encourage you to join our Society

If you wish to apply for membership, please complete the form below with information about how your connections to the family looks like.

The annual membership fee is 100 SEK for every person. Women belonging to the association or who marries a member of the association are also allowed to wear the Sabelskjöld bridal crown from the 1600s.

Should you choose to join Släktföreningen Sabelskjöld, we hope that you will enjoy our company and share our pride in being a member of this big family. A wealth of interesting information is available through the Society’s archives and publications, while personal meetings with other family members at our reunions have proven to be occasions for fruitful exchanges of information as well as a great deal of fun.

We hope to see you at the next reunion.
The board

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